Life Transformer Ministry exists to help people realise their God-given purpose here on earth.

We are committed to seeing God change lives radically through the Good News of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Leadership – a journey of faithLeadership – a journey of faith
    (Genesis 12:1-6) In a previous article I said that leaders tend to be contrarians. A contrarian is a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion or accepted practice. They are individuals who row against the tide. This point is beautifully …
  • Is a leader born or made?Is a leader born or made?
    (Genesis 25:19-27) This question as to whether leaders are born or made is one that has raged through the ages. Older theories and models of leadership would have us believe that leaders are born, not made. Either you’ve got it …
  • The leaders giftingThe leaders gifting
    Let me begin by stating the blindingly obvious: no two leaders are the same. Banks of research that has been done in the corporate world show there is no such thing as a single type of leader.  Leaderscome in different …
  • Strategic leadership in action (think ahead, look ahead, plan ahead)Strategic leadership in action (think ahead, look ahead, plan ahead)
    (Genesis 46:28-47:27) One of the key characteristics of a strategic leader is the ability to see the future. Strategic leaders have both insight and foresight. They not only understand what is happening now and the implications, they have that rare …
  • Going beyond the expected- Part 6
    In Philippians 2:25-30 we read these words Paul, ‘Yet I considered it necessary to send to you Epaphroditus, my brother, fellow worker, and fellow soldier, but your messenger and the one who ministered to my need; since he was longing …
  • Easter is… A Message of God’s forgiveness
    Forgiveness is at the heart of the Easter message. This is because it is fundamental to the nature and character of God. These two assertions raise the same questions that were prompted by the first article in this series on …

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On Easter Story

The Easter story is the greatest, most dramatic, most powerful, most influential and far-reaching drama that has ever been enacted on planet earth

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Discover to Recover

Life is a journey punctuated by seasons of crises. Many people search for the solutions in the wrong places, when they are right before their eyes.

From the ancient text that answers the needs of all humanity, Emmanuel Mbakwe presents a message of timeless wisdom distilled from the life of Isaac, the central character, other notable Bible personalities, and figures from our contemporary world.

Discover to Recover shows us how God wants to get through to each one of us with the solution to our problems. These solutions are all around us. All we need to do is to discover.

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