Life Transformer Ministry exists to help people realise their God-given purpose here on earth.

We are committed to seeing God change lives radically through the Good News of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

New articles on growth & leadership from the step-change blog

  • The leader and outcomes (Genesis 1: 31)The leader and outcomes (Genesis 1: 31)
    We read these words in Genesis 1:31, ‘God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.’ We live in a world that is results oriented and outcomes-driven. …
  • Touched by the love of Jesus- An Adulterous Woman
    One of the most moving and intriguing stories in the gospels which so vividly illustrates the capacity of Jesus to reach out to the condemned and bring them into a place of forgiveness and restored relationship is that of the …
  • Touched by The Love Of Jesus – A Grieving Widow
    In Luke 7:11-17 we read the dramatic story of the woman whose life was so radically changed by the love and compassion of Jesus. Jesus was with His disciples in the village of Nairn. As they were coming into the …
  • How to become a leader: 3 key elementsHow to become a leader: 3 key elements
    Exodus 2:16-23 Every role, however insignificant, requires training and development. Put another way, some form of preparation is required for every role holder before that person can be expected to effectively fulfill the function.
  • Willing to pay the ultimate priceWilling to pay the ultimate price
    (Genesis 22:1-19) In the previous article we considered Abraham’s decision to let go of his son, Ishmael. His son Isaac had been born by the time Ishmael was sent away. Isaac was growing and doing well. Right at that very …
  • People Who Command Attention – By The Values They Live Out- Part 2
    We come to the third of our articles on people who commanded attention. In the first one we considered what people say. In the second we looked at what they did or the difference they made.  In this article we …

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On Our Purpose

Our stories are like supernatural nuclear warheads, released into the spiritual atmosphere. They expunge fear in an instant, destroy negativity, confound the critics, silence the mouth of the big brother (the older so-called voices of experience who are nothing but jealous and envious cowards masquerading as the wise ones – sure you’ve met one or two in your journey), embolden and fill us and those around with courage, remind us of past victories and deliverances, and establish the sovereignty of God in our lives and circumstance.

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Discover to Recover

Life is a journey punctuated by seasons of crises. Many people search for the solutions in the wrong places, when they are right before their eyes.

From the ancient text that answers the needs of all humanity, Emmanuel Mbakwe presents a message of timeless wisdom distilled from the life of Isaac, the central character, other notable Bible personalities, and figures from our contemporary world.

Discover to Recover shows us how God wants to get through to each one of us with the solution to our problems. These solutions are all around us. All we need to do is to discover.

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