Life Transformer Ministry exists to help people realise their God-given purpose here on earth.

We are committed to seeing God change lives radically through the Good News of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Going beyond the expected – Part 2Going beyond the expected – Part 2
    In this, the second in our series, ‘Going beyond the expected, we look at the story of another woman; this time, a widow from a town in northern Israel. The   subtitle of this message is: ‘Give up your last …
  • Touched by the love of Jesus- A hardened criminal
    The love of God is expressed through the life of His Son Jesus Christ is love in extremis or grace that is indescribably outrageous. A story that so clearly illustrates this is found in Luke 23:35-43. The scene is a …
  • Going beyond the expected– Part 5
    This is the fifth in our series in which we look at the lives of men and women who have gone beyond the expected. This particular article is about a life of worship that speaks forever. We find the narrative …
  • How far are you willing to go?- Part 2How far are you willing to go?- Part 2
    In this the second article looking at the question of how far are you willing to go, we will be looking at the story of a man who was very significant and successful in many ways. He was the commander …
  • What Drives or Motivates you?- Part 2
    We are continuing with our series, ‘What motivates or drives you? We are considering the inner drivers that very often lead to hurt, even destruction. In the first part we talked about pride and ambition, as evidenced in the life …
  • Going beyond the expected– Part 3
    Continuing with our series, the next example that we will look at is from an episode in the life of King David. The key characters are David’s mightiest warriors. The story is found in 2nd Samuel 3: 8-17. In recounting …

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On The Resurrection of Christ

The resurrection was miraculous. It means that you too can experience a miracle; first, of new birth and ultimately of immortality

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Discover to Recover

Life is a journey punctuated by seasons of crises. Many people search for the solutions in the wrong places, when they are right before their eyes.

From the ancient text that answers the needs of all humanity, Emmanuel Mbakwe presents a message of timeless wisdom distilled from the life of Isaac, the central character, other notable Bible personalities, and figures from our contemporary world.

Discover to Recover shows us how God wants to get through to each one of us with the solution to our problems. These solutions are all around us. All we need to do is to discover.

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