Life Transformer Ministry exists to help people realise their God-given purpose here on earth.

We are committed to seeing God change lives radically through the Good News of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Fresh Start, New Beginning – The Man With A Mixed CV
    A story is told in 2nd Kings 5:1-14 of a senior officer in the Syrian army, possibly the rank of a General, by the name of Naaman. A partial reading of his CV would suggest that this was a man …
  • The Power & Paradox of Perception: Moses
      Feeling of inadequacy A classic example of one man who saw himself as incapable and made all kinds of excuses to avoid taking on the call and commission of God is a man called Moses. The central element of …
  • Willing to pay the ultimate priceWilling to pay the ultimate price
    (Genesis 22:1-19) In the previous article we considered Abraham’s decision to let go of his son, Ishmael. His son Isaac had been born by the time Ishmael was sent away. Isaac was growing and doing well. Right at that very …
  • A strategic allianceA strategic alliance
    Genesis 6:7-11,11-,26-30) There is an old Chinese proverb which says, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.’ One of the key tasks as well as challenges of leadership is the need to identify and build strategic alliances. In the …
  • Strategic servant leadershipStrategic servant leadership
    (Genesis 14: 1-16) One of the key essences of leadership is service. The leader is raised up, positioned, called or appointed to serve. Whatever the process through which a leader emerges, the purpose is to serve those he leads using …
  • The Power & Paradox of Perception: Jeremiah
    Part I: Too young and inexperienced One of the fascinating features of life is that we are all wired differently (I am sure you can think of a number of people that you’ve come across in life or who are …

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On The Resurrection of Christ II

The impact of the resurrection on the first disciples was the transformation of a bunch of cowards to some of the most courageous people of their era

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Discover to Recover

Life is a journey punctuated by seasons of crises. Many people search for the solutions in the wrong places, when they are right before their eyes.

From the ancient text that answers the needs of all humanity, Emmanuel Mbakwe presents a message of timeless wisdom distilled from the life of Isaac, the central character, other notable Bible personalities, and figures from our contemporary world.

Discover to Recover shows us how God wants to get through to each one of us with the solution to our problems. These solutions are all around us. All we need to do is to discover.

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