About LTM
"we exist to help people realise their God-given purpose here on earth"

We are a network of people and partners drawn from many nations of the world under the apostolic leadership of Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe, former National Leader of the Apostolic Church, UK and his team.

We are committed to seeing God change lives – radically. That change comes through the Good News of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit

Our Mission

Our mission and mandate is to help people become all that God has created them to be.

History is full of men and women who have accomplished great feats in their chosen field of human endeavor. However, the purpose that counts for eternity can be found only in the life-transforming message of the Good News of Jesus Christ received and lived out through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that every human being has a God-given purpose or assignment that they were born to fulfill here on earth. Our task is to help each person discover and fulfill their life’s mission through the gospel.

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Our Purpose

We exist to help people discover the living God through a personal relationship by faith in Christ Jesus.

The first step is to help each person come to know Jesus as his or her personal Saviour, and thereafter, walk in obedience to Him as Lord.

Out of that growing deeper and closer walk, to discover - with growing clarity and conviction - one's life purpose; central to which is the call to be an agent of change in the hand of God; a disciple who makes disciples; one whose sole aim, regardless of location or setting, is to see transformation in other lives, and in the communities where they live, work and serve.

Our Focus

Life Transformer Ministry (LTM) is an apostolic ministry initiative singularly and passionately committed to raising a generation of transformed transformers; radically changed people who live for Jesus as agents of change in the world.

There are four key elements to what we do:

  1. To reach people where they are with the Good News of Jesus Christ and see their lives changed
  2. To equip and mobilise Christians to reach Christians-to- be with the Good News of Jesus Christ and help them come into a personal relationship of their own with Him
  3. To influence, equip and enable leaders - Christian leaders in Church and para-Church settings, and leaders in secular organisations
  4. To train, empower and release the next generation of young people who are totally committed to Jesus to be agents of change in their generation

Our Message

Our message is Jesus – the Life-Transformer. Jesus is Good News – through His life, death and resurrection. He changes the lives of all those who come to Him by confession and repentance of their sins and surrender to Him by faith. Those who put their trust in Him are not only forgiven, they have eternal life.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit those who follow Jesus become instruments of lasting change in the lives of other individuals, families, communities, cities and nations.

The primary call is to accept Jesus as Saviour; love, worship and serve Him as Lord, and then help and lead others to do the same.

We call people to a virtuous circle life of: Commitment - Surrender - Sacrifice - Service.

We know we are fulfilling purpose when we see lives that have been radically changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, help others to enter into the same virtuous circle of change that counts for eternity.