All leaders need encouragement

Exodus 4:18

Everyone needs encouragement; leaders included. As someone has said, encouragement is the fuel of the soul. A good friend of mine describes encouragement as ‘putting courage into someone’. I like that. The image it conjures up in my mind is so vivid and uplifting. It’s like taking an empty or partially filled tank and filling it up with whatever it is that is needed.

We see a beautiful illustration of this in the story of Moses when he received his commission from God. Moses had his doubts. He was anxious about the assignment and his ability to fulfill the mandate he had been given. What God did was to put courage into him by demonstrating that He had the tools and would give them to Moses to use at the appropriate time. This point highlights another lesson: it is one thing to assign a task to a person; it is quite another thing to give them the tools with which to carry out the job. Having the right tools and knowing how to use them imbues confidence.

Signs of encouragement

1.The first sign of encouragement was that God asked Moses to throw his staff on the ground. As he threw it, it became a snake. He picked it up by the tail and it became a staff again. God said to him, this is a sign that you will show the children of Israel, to prove that I have sent you.

2.The second sign was that Moses was to out his hand in his cloak. As he brought it out, the hand had turned leprous. When he returned his hand back into his cloak and brought it out again, his skin was back to normal.

3.The third piece of encouragement was to do with Moses’ lack of eloquence. His complain to God was that he was slow of speech. God encouraged him by promising to bring Aaron, Moses’ younger brother alongside him to be his spokesperson.

These three signs or indicators by God were important pieces of encouragement or what I call excuse-breakers, which emboldened Moses to step out on the journey and commission that God had given to him.

If you are an established leader, why don’t you seek to encourage someone who you know is in need of encouragement, whether that person is an established, emerging or aspiring leader? For the spiritual leader, why don’t you pray that God will send you someone as an encourager, who would come alongside you and help you to move forward in your leadership journey?

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