Author: Christine Kwakwa

(Exodus 13:1-14:48)

A well known proverb says, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. What we are often not told is what happens between the second and the last step of that journey of a thousand miles. That is the great unknown, and we that played out in relation to Moses’ leadership of the Children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land. His experience stands an example, metaphor or symbol for all leaders seeking to move from current state to a new place; either in terms of personal or organizational transformation.

Exodus 7: 1-13

We have said previously that encouragement is the fuel of the soul, and if we can imagine the soul being a petrol tank, then it will need to be filled with the fuel that is called encouragement. Leaders need a constant supply of this fuel, as any change on journey of transformation will have a number of bumpy moments along the way.

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Exodus 6:1-12

It is said that the easiest part of a long distance race is the beginning. That is understandable. But the difficult parts come later in the race, particularly near the end. This is so evident in the story of Moses’ mission in bringing the people of Israel out of the land of Egypt. Moses’ experience mirrors and exemplifies the emotional turmoil that leaders go through as they seek to pursue the vision that they are carrying.

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All leaders need encouragement

Exodus 4:18

Everyone needs encouragement; leaders included. As someone has said, encouragement is the fuel of the soul. A good friend of mine describes encouragement as ‘putting courage into someone’. I like that. The image it conjures up in my mind is so vivid and uplifting. It’s like taking an empty or partially filled tank and filling it up with whatever it is that is needed.

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The call of a leader

Exodus 3:1-22

One of the things that I have come to recognise in the life of leaders is that almost without exception, every leader has some kind of story or testimony as to when it dawned on them that God had called or was calling them to lead. For some it is a crystal clear moment in time, for others it is a process involving a series of events that led them to what can be referred to colloquially as the ‘ah-ha’ moment.

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Are you an undercooked leader?

Exodus 2 :11-15
One of the characteristics of leadership is the desire to make a difference, to bring about lasting change for the good of all. It is also characteristic of leaders to initiate. Leaders are activists, impelled by unseen inner forces.

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When there is a leadership change

Exodus: 1:6-14)

Whether it is in a corporate, civic or community life, there are risks and dangers during times or periods of leadership transition. The risk within has significant implications for the future well being of organization, especially if the transition has not been done flawlessly or executed with the greatest of care and precision.

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