Can you go the distance? The leader’s mission

(Genesis 24:1-66)

An understanding purpose is at the very core of a leader’s life. Every leader needs to have a clear understanding of his or her mission. One of the best descriptions I have come across is that mission is ‘a journey with a purpose’.

So many books have been written about how to craft a mission or purpose statement. In the Bible, aside from Jesus and the story of Nehemiah, to my mind, the narrative that best illustrates the various aspects of what mission is, is the mandate that Abraham gave to his chief steward to go and find a wife for his heir and successor, Isaac. Right from the outset, there is clarity about the mission – it was to go and find a young woman willing to come back with him and be the wife to his master’s son. That was the mandate he was given. Having received his mandate he set out on the long journey.

The first thing to note is that a mission is a clear statement of what the journey meant to accomplish and what the success measure is.

In the chief steward’s case the success measure and expected outcome was one and the same thing; namely, find a wife for Isaac and bring her back.

The second thing that we see in the journey of Abraham’s servant is how acutely aware he was of the need to stay on track.

Being a spiritual assignment, he knew that it was something bigger than the ordinary. Recognising that, he engaged the greatest resource base of all. He sought the help of God; the entire journey punctuated and saturated with prayer. He prayed for protection, direction and specific leading. As he prayed, God answered. He was led specifically to a young woman, Rebekah, who would ultimately become the wife of Isaac; the remarkable thing being that she was related to Abraham.

  • The key lesson in the story of how Abraham’s servant managed to secure a wife for Isaac is the fact that his mission was clear and he was clear about his mission.
  • Secondly, he remained single-minded and unflinchingly focused.
  • Thirdly, he was aware he needed enabling and direction. Accordingly, he prayed to God constantly; who not only enabled him but gave him direction and favour, such that he was able to achieve the purpose of his journey. Having secured the agreement of Rebekah’s parents, he refused to delay his return and brought Rebekah back to Isaac. Mission accomplished.


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