Dealing with excitement and managing expectations

Exodus 4:29-41
As timing is everything, one of things a leader has to do is to exercise patience. At the same time the leader has to instill patience and the need to wait for the opportune moment in the people they lead.

Effective communication is the key tool by which leaders manage the energy levels of the people they lead. However in the process of communicating, a leader has to be careful to say the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, with the correct emphasis, so that the expected outcome in that moment is achieved.

When a project is to begin or an existing project re launched, there is a tendency for people to become very excited. Euphoria often prevails, with emotion running ahead of reason. Whilst the leader needs to ensure that people are excited, there is an even greater need to carefully managed leader expectations.

We see this point clearly illustrated following Moses’ return to Egypt. He had met with his brother Aaron, and they brought all the elders of Israel together for what one might call a summit, briefing session or mobilization meeting. In that briefing, Moses displayed the signs given to him when he was called and commissioned by God. The outcome was that the elders believed that God had called him. Moses had passed the first hurdle, his first real credibility test.

The second thing that we see is not only did the elders believe, when he told them that God had seen their misery and heard their cry and was concerned about them, they bowed down and worshipped. That act is a beautiful illustration of the appropriate response to the message of God.

A summary of what transpired is that Moses did not overpromise, nor whip up some kind of frenzy in the people. Hype was not used to whip up hope. Rather, he simply did as he was told to do. He carefully managed their expectations. He established his credibility and raised hope, which brought an appropriate response from the people.

First, they believed in the man and his message, and secondly, they bowed down and worshipped God.

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