Dreams and visions

Genesis 37:1-36

Every leader must have a dream or vision that propels him or her. We can make this statement and apply it to life in general, but it is so fundamentally true for leaders. Apart from Jesus, the one person whose life so illustrates this point is a man named Joseph. Bible scholars speak of him as a type of Christ.

As a young man he had dreams. His two recorded dreams were in effect a picture of his destiny; namely, his leadership of his family and his strategic role in the preservation of the twelve tribes of Israel, even though he wasn’t the first born son of His father, Jacob.

Joseph’s dream unsurprisingly attracted jealousy and every conceivable form of hostility from his brothers who conspired and sold him into slavery. They sold him to a band of Midianite traders who in turn sold him on to a man named Potiphar, an official of Pharaoh and captain of the guard.

There are several learning points as far as dreams and visions are concerned for leaders. Firstly, every leader must operate out of a place of vision. Secondly, spiritual leaders in particular must have a God-given vision. Thirdly, every leader must be careful as to with whom, how and when they share the vision that God has given to them. Fourthly, it is guaranteed that not everyone will buy into your vision and indeed as in the case of Joseph (and as we will see in the life of Jesus), the vision carrier will be an object of jealousy, criticism, and hostility, even brutality. Nevertheless that should not stop the leader from having a dream and pursuing the vision God has given him or her.

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