Encountering God: Ordinary people

Throughout the ages God has been in the business of connecting with ordinary people in the ordinary places of life. He either performed extraordinary deeds in their lives or equipped them to accomplish extraordinary feats. One such example is a man called Moses. 

His story begins in the third chapter of the book of Exodus. Although born a Jew he was raised in the courts of Pharaoh. Despite his upbringing, he was deeply aware of his history, identity and destiny. We see also his deep care and compassion

for the underdog, the victimised and the oppressed. His zeal to protect the weak against the strong resulted in murder. His life was in danger. He had to run away and live in exile. 

However, after forty years of living the lowly life of a shepherd in a foreign land, God met him. In the context of an extraordinary scene in which a fire raged but the vegetation was not burnt, God spoke to Moses and commissioned him to go back to the land of his murderous past, to be the one who would deliver his kinsmen, the people of Israel, from Egyptian bondage.

Here was a man who was minding his own business, engaged in the humdrum activities of life, and yet God had an assignment for him. God met him, encouraged and challenged him, and sent him out to be the deliverer of Israel; an assignment which he successfully carried out, bringing the children of Israel out of a place of bondage and captivity and leading them towards the Promised Land.

God has an assignment for you. That much is clear as we look, not just at the life of Moses, but many ordinary people, who God met and altered the course of their lives, re-defining their destiny. What is also evident is the fact that their encounter with God not only re-aligned their destiny but also that of many, including generations of people yet to be born.

My prayer is that you will encounter God in the ordinary places in life and from that encounter you will go on and fulfil extraordinary things in the will of God for your life; which would in turn positively impact generations yet unborn.


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