Frequently Asked Questions
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About the ministy

What is  the purpose of the ministry?

LTM’s purpose is to help people become all that God wants them to be.

Our reason for being is to help people realise their God-given purpose, which is first, to know Jesus as their personal Saviour; second, to serve Him as Lord, and third, to become agents of change through whom others can come into the same relationship with Christ; with the ultimate aim of transforming other lives, families, communities, cities and nations.

Who is LTM seeking to reach or serve?

LTM seeks to reach Christians-to-be; in other words, all those who do not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord;
- the next or emerging generation, particularly those between the ages of 18-30 years;
- leaders in all spheres of life – Church, para-Church, business and other arena;
- and last but by no means least, Christians across all denominations and streams.

How is it different to what is already out there?

At LTM our overriding desire is to make Jesus known to the whole world; fuelled by a commitment to love Him and bring healing to a hurting world.

We are committed to helping people apply the truth of God’s word, the Bible, applicable to the issues of life, in a way that is relevant, transparent, devoid of gimmicks or embellishment.

How did the ministry’s name come about?

The ministry’s name was inspired by the person of Jesus, who is the great Life-Transformer and the belief that all who encounter the transformative work of the Cross will experience eternal life; that is, a life that is qualitatively different here on earth and in the life to come.

Our name encapsulates our mission, which is to see people’s lives change for the better, no matter their past, origin, race or creed.

How will you measure progress and success?

Ultimately success will come in seeing lives, individuals, families and communities changed for the better by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We welcome feedback from supporters and partners, as well as those who have been impacted by our activities, either in the form of messages on television, articles or tweets. We will hold regular progress checks to make sure that we are on mission and are fulfilling our goals.

About the organisation & doctrine

What kind of organisation is it?

We are a serving community committed to changing our world with the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that is both visible and enduring. Jesus and the Bible inform our core values. LTM is a non-profit organisation and UK registered charity.

Who runs the ministry?

LTM is a UK-registered not-for-profit organisation. It is led by Pastor Emmanuel Mbakwe, currently National Leader of the Apostolic Church, UK.

Our Board of Trustees consists of people from different professional backgrounds with a strong commitment to the very highest standards of corporate governance. They are supported by a network of partners drawn from many denominations and streams across the nations of the world.

What do you believe?

LTM is a mainstream Christian organisation with a doctrinal foundation and orientation firmly rooted in the fundamental truths of the bible, allied to a strong Pentecostal-Apostolic heritage.

Amongst other things we believe in the one true and living God who exists in three persons in unity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the virgin birth, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. See about us for a full description of what we believe

What principles and values guide what LTM does?

The person of Jesus is at the heart of what we do. Worshipping Him as Saviour and Lord underpins how we do things.

The love we seek to demonstrate finds its source in what Christ did through His life, death and resurrection.

Integrity and transparency; a love for God and for people, which impels towards selfless giving, are some of the values that undergird all that we do.

About Finances

How is LTM funded?

LTM is a non-profit organisation. We are funded by those who share the same vision as the founders, in particular, the generous giving of partners around the world, as well as proceeds from ministry events and materials, including books, DVDs and CDs.

How will you be funded?

LTM is an apostolic initiative that is committed to the fulfilment of the Great Commission. As such we believe that that God will ensure the long term success and financial sustainability of the ministry; allied to prayer, wise stewardship and the generosity of partners from around the world. Internally generated funds through events, the sale of books and other materials will be used to support the work and growth of the ministry.

What use will my donations be put towards?

Your gifts and donations will support the day-to-day running of LTM, radio and television broadcasts, online activities, community events and outreach programmes, working in partnership with and supporting other organisations who share the same vision.

About Getting Involved

How can I get involved in the work of LTM?

In order to get involved please complete this form and someone from the LTM team will get in contact with you.

How can I give towards the work of LTM?

You can give towards the work of LTM by direct debits, standing orders, or you can make one-off donations. Click here to request for a direct debit mandate.
Cheques payments are payable to Life-Transformer Ministry. Please post to our correspondence address: Life Transformer Ministry, Unit 7, Warwick House, Overton Road, London, SW9 7JP, United Kingdom.

About Getting in touch

How do I contact the ministry?

You can contact us with some of the information published on our contact page or simply complete the form provided, with your own details and query.

Where are you based?

LTM is based in the UK. Our correspondence address is;
Life-Transformer Ministry,
Unit 7 - Warwick House
Overton Road
United Kingdom.

Where can I find out more about the ministry?

Apart from our website, you can stay informed of our activities by following us on twitter @LTMinistry, and facebook at

Contact us

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