Fresh start, new beginning II


Jabez, the man who prayed

There are many people who would acknowledge that often reading through the Old Testament and the seemingly genealogies feel like torture, even at the best of times. Yet in the midst of the list of names a few surprises can spring out. Such is the case with the two verses that talk about a man by the name of Jabez.

We read that he was more honourable than his brothers. However, that wasn’t always the case? This was because he had been cursed by his mother at birth. The tough and painful circumstance of his birth had resulted in her giving him the name Jabez, which literally means pain. Imagine what his life growing up must have been like. His life must have been hell in the classroom and the school playground.

However, there came a day when Jabez declared, ‘Enough is enough’. He prayed a simple, four-part prayer; that God would bless him, enlarge his territory or influence; that God’s hand would be with him, keep him from evil and that he would not cause pain. God heard His prayer and granted his request. The story of his life had changed. He had been given a fresh start, a new beginning, because he had prayed. His prayer had prompted God to intervene.

The application is simple. If you want your story changed, turn to God in prayer and ask Him to change your story. As He did for Jabez, He can do for you.

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