Fresh start, new beginning IV

A widow’s pension and personal protection plan restored.

The story is told in Luke 7:11-17 of Jesus going to a certain city called Nain. As He approached the city there was a cortege carrying the only son of a widow, with her following and crying.

Her son had died and the funeral procession was slowly making its way to bury the dead man outside the city walls. She was understandably filled with grief, feeling the deep sense of loss, clearly vulnerable, helpless and hopeless.

Jesus was moved with compassion. He stopped the procession, spoke comfort and encouragement to the woman and then proceeded to raise her dead son to life. The miracle made a tremendous impact on those around. It was broadcast throughout the region. It teaches us key lessons at a number of levels and from different perspectives.

First, that God is interested in every facet of our lives, and comes to us where we are to change what is a desperate and hopeless situation into one marked by a confident expectation of good. Second, it shows that God is interested in the plight of the vulnerable amongst us; the economically and socially vulnerable. In other words, the God who made heaven and earth, and has shown us what He is like through His Son Jesus, is deeply interested in matters of social justice. The widow had not only lost her male protector but also her pension plan. However, in one fell swoop, Jesus changed all that. She could look to the future with renewed hope. She had indeed been given a new beginning through the life transforming power of Jesus Christ. You too can experience the same. All you need to do is call on Him.

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