Going back to base

Genesis 31:1-35:1; Genesis 28:10-22)

One of life’s great temptations, especially for leaders, is the constant search for all things new, novel and interesting. There is a relentless quest to invent and re-invent. Don’t misunderstand me; we must innovate, create new pathways, and discover new solutions. However, a lot of energy is spent in search of the proverbial silver bullet. The result is a great deal of wasted time, energy and precious resource. As someone said, there are no new heresies under the sun; just old ones repackaged.

At a time when leaders are under pressure to innovate and invent, it is important that a leader pauses; take stock and review the fundamentals of their personal or corporate vision and mission.

What often becomes apparent is that the keys to progress and success lie not in something completely new, but in re-aligning the organisation with the fundamental building blocks of its vision and the mission.

Nowhere is this best illustrated than in the story of Jacob. At the time we meet him in his life’s journey Jacob was still living with his uncle, Laban. God came and spoke to him, telling him to leave Laban and take his family back to the land that had been promised to his father and grandfather, Isaac and Abraham. Recall that Jacob was in his maternal homeland having ran away to avoid the murderous intent of his elder brother, Esau, from whom he stole his birthright.

Years earlier, whilst he was running away from Esau (Genesis 28:10-22), he stopped along the way for the night. Weary from his travel, he fell asleep. There he dreamt and God spoke to him. When he woke, he called the place Bethel, renaming the city which had been previously called Luz. Right there Jacob made a vow to God, that if the He would watch over him and bring him back safely to his father’s house, then the Lord would be his God and that the stone on which he had made the vow would be set up as pillar for God’s house, along with a tenth of his income.

The key point is that Jacob recognised his roots; the starting point of his journey.

He was acutely aware of the fact that his destiny was not in the land of his mother, but rather in the land of his father; the place that God promised to his grandfather and father.

The key lesson for us is that we remember our spiritual base, our roots or foundation. That is our anchor to which we must stay connected. If for any reason we drift, we must retrace our steps and get back to the source, back to base.

© Emmanuel Mbakwe 2017

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Emmanuel Mbakwe is a Pastor, an apostolic leader, business advisor, leadership coach, mentor, and published author. He is the immediate past General Overseer of the Apostolic Church UK. His vision and heart’s desire is to help people realise their God-given potential and fulfil the purpose of God for the life.

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