Going beyond the expected– Part 3

Continuing with our series, the next example that we will look at is from an episode in the life of King David. The key characters are David’s mightiest warriors. The story is found in 2nd Samuel 3: 8-17.

In recounting the extraordinary deeds of David and the warriors that surrounded and supported him throughout his life, starting from his days as a fugitive, to the end of his life, we read of an incident that took place at the time when David was on the run from King Saul, hiding in caves. The Philistine army was camping close by, David was in the stronghold, and a contingent of soldiers was occupying the town of Bethlehem.

Whilst in the cave, David said wistfully to his men, ‘Oh that I could have a drink of the water from the well by the gate in Bethlehem!’ No sooner had those words left his lips that three of his most gallant soldiers rose to the challenge, broke through the Philistine lines and drew water from the well by the gate; bringing it back to David.

This was an extraordinary act of courage, loyalty and self sacrifice. David’s reaction was to refuse to drink the water. Instead he poured it out as an offering to God, with these words, ‘God forbid that I should drink this. This water is as precious as the blood of these men who brought it to me’.

This briefly recounted incident teaches us lessons on a number of levels. First, these three men did something that other men were not willing or able to do. Secondly, the three men demonstrated incredible devotion to their leader, David. Thirdly, they didn’t ask any questions, analyse or debate the matter. Rather, they arose and responded to the verbalized longing of their master

Whilst we do not know the names of any of the three men, one thing is clear: it is that their deed will always be remembered in history. They are undoubtedly an elite group of history-makers. If we are to join them, we must be willing to go beyond the expected; be brave, bold, loyal and absolutely committed to the cause.


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