Going beyond the expected– Part 7

It has been said that wisdom is the right application of knowledge. Put another way, wisdom is knowledge in action.

In Joseph we have one of the most amazing characters in the Bible. Bible commentators tell us that Joseph is an Old Testament type of Christ; there being so many parallels between them. This article is centred on a specific event that catapulted Joseph from being a prisoner-dream-interpreter to the office of the Prime Minister, second in power to Pharaoh, in the land of Egypt.

The backdrop is that Joseph was in jail, unjustly. He had correctly interpreted the dreams of the king’s cup bearer and baker. Pharaoh then had a dream. The cupbearer, who had completely forgotten his promise to help Joseph, finally has his memory is jogged. He told Pharaoh that he knew a man who could interpret the monarch’s dream.

Joseph was hastily spruced up and brought out before Pharaoh. He duly correctly interprets Pharaoh’s dream. However, the critical point that elevated to second in command in the land of Egypt was not the fact that he had correctly interpreted the dream. Rather, it was because he went beyond the expected. It is one thing to interpret a dream but another to go the extra step of adding value by giving a total solution in terms of what needs to be done.

We read what Joseph said to pharaoh in Genesis 41:33-36. Joseph effectively gave Pharaoh a strategy as how to deal with the years of plenty and what he needed to do during the seven years of famine that would affect the land of Egypt and the surrounding nations in the region. It was Joseph’s insight and practical solution that prompted Pharaoh to ask his officials whether they could find a candidate better qualified than Joseph to fulfil the role. Not only did Joseph know what the dream meant, he had a very clear idea as to what needed to be done. We read this in Genesis 41:41-44. The result was immediate promotion for Joseph.

So, the challenge is: if you wish to make great strides and be given due recognition, don’t simply provide analysis when confronted by a problem, go further by offering effective practical way forward.


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