How far are you willing to go?- Part 4

Have you ever lost something really precious? Have you lost something that you really valued? Something that was really important to you? If so, how did you feel? What was your reaction?

The ultimate kind of loss in life is obviously the death of a loved one. In this simple yet moving story (a full account can be found in 2nd Kings 4:8-37), we come across a woman who had lost something incredibly precious to her.

This woman lived in a village called Shunem, which is northern Israel. She was a wealthy woman who opened her home to the prophet Elisha and his servant. In the process of time, Elisha found out that this woman did not have a male child. He prophesied into her life and within the year, just as the prophet said, the woman gave birth to a son.

However we read that one day, that son, the precious gift from God, suddenly died. The woman saddled her donkey and set off on a long journey towards a place where the prophet Elisha lived.

When she got there, having found out what was wrong, the prophet gave his staff to his servant to go and lay upon the boy’s face. The woman refused to take that as the solution, and insisted that the prophet himself go with her. Her persistence was so strong that Elisha returned with her. When they got back to the woman’s house, the child was dead and she had laid him on the prophet’s bed. The summary of what happened is that the prophet brought the child miraculously back to life.

This woman gives us yet another picture of determination, some would say desperation. Instead of her husband, she made the journey (shame on the men!). Instead of the prophet’s servant, she insisted that the prophet came along. Her dogged persistence resulted in her getting what – her dead son restored to life.

How far are you willing to go to get your prayers answered? What price are you willing to pay?


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