How to become a leader: 3 key elements

Exodus 2:16-23

Every role, however insignificant, requires training and development. Put another way, some form of preparation is required for every role holder before that person can be expected to effectively fulfill the function.

Preparation is most critical for those who function in a leadership role. Why? Because the lives of those they lead is so closely connected with how well or otherwise the leader performs.

We see the vital importance of a leader’s preparation in the life of Moses. The last time we met him, he had been presumptuous and acted rashly. As a consequence he had to run to a place of safety. It is in this place of safety that we meet him, in his season of preparation. As we look at his life during this time, we find that there are a number of things that help prepare the leader.

1.The first thing that we see that helped to prepare Moses is the fact that any leader who would make success of their calling must go through the breaking, humbling or if you like, character-forming experience. This happened to Moses. From being the royal prince in Pharaoh’s palace, he became a lowly shepherd, leading sheep, day in and day out. I wonder what went through his mind during this season. Nevertheless, it was a necessary part of the process, so that pride and presumption would be expunged from his life.

2.The second thing we see is that this period in the life of Moses is what one might refer to as his wilderness experience. Leadership is a lonely business, and it is important that every leader undergoes a period where they have learnt to be alone; to learn quietness, self awareness and wrestle down the personal demons that tend towards impulsiveness and restlessness. Learning to be alone helps the leader to develop internal resilience as there will be times through the many seasons of the leader’s life where he or she will have to grapple with the challenge of aloneness, even loneliness, which comes with the territory.

3.The third thing that we see as an instrument in the preparation of Moses as a leader is the element of time. Leaders need to be prepared over a period of time. Time gives opportunity for tests, for the refinement of the inner core, the shaping of character and forging and full the development of the inner life.

So those three key elements were the key tools things God used to prepare Moses as a leader. There are other tools that prepare a leader, and we will highlight these during future studies, but these three were the evident ones in this phase of Moses’ life as a leader in training.

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