The Power & Paradox of Perception: Jesus


When familiarity breeds contempt and blocks God’s blessings

There is an interesting story in Mark 6: 1-6 and Matthew 13: 53-58. It concerns the return of Jesus back to home base after performing three major miracles. We read that He came to his home country but He could not do many miracles because of their attitude. Their attitude was largely driven by their perception of Jesus.

That perception is evident in the words they spoke; they wondered aloud how Jesus obtained wisdom and power to perform miracles. In their words, He was just a carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James. They proceeded to name His siblings. They were displeased with Him and refused to believe Him. They saw Jesus as ‘one of us’. In other words, people from there were not supposed to speak with clarity and insight, or have amazing powers or supernatural grace. So, why should He rise above them? They dishonoured one of their own because of familiarity that had bred jealousy and disrespect. Their perception had limited God’s ability to make a significant difference for good in their lives and their ability to receive the blessings that God had for them.

I have often seen people, in my own experience, who have not seen me for years, who still look at me through the same pair of ‘spectacles’ that they saw me with many years ago. Their words, attitude and actions betray their perception. I simply smile and get on with my business. I have seen this phenomenon with others as well.

The key point is that what or how we perceive will determine what we receive. In the case of Jesus’ townsfolk, they missed out. My prayer for you is that you will not miss out on God’s best for your life because of how we see the person whom God wants to use to bless you.

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