Leaders are called to make tough choices

(Genesis 21:1-14)

We all are confronted by an array of choices and decisions we have to make on daily basis. Leaders are not exempt. Each day leaders have a multitude of decisions they have to make, with varying degrees of difficulty, challenge and importance.

An example of the tough choices that often confront leaders concerns a man called Abraham. We have already come across him in previous articles. Bible scholars will recall that in Genesis 12:1-3 he was called by God to embark on an adventure of faith and given a number of significant promises. One of the promises that God made was that through him the whole world would be blessed. These promises were re-affirmed in Genesis 15 and Genesis 17.

Many years passed with no fulfillment of the promised son and heir. In the process of time Abraham’s wife, Sarah, gave him her maid, a young woman by the name of Hagar to her husband, who lay with her. She became pregnant and gave birth to a son, whom he named Ishmael.

However, there came a point in time when God told Abraham to send the boy and his mother away. The reason he was told to do so was that the promised male heir would be born through Sarah.

In our western culture, the issue of a male heir is not as much of an issue as it is in many traditional societies around the world. That said, imagine how Abraham would have felt having to send his first born son away into the great unknown. But he had to make that tough decision, not only to get rid of the mother of his son, but also his own son.

We have a tendency to hold on to what we have, but it takes real courage to let go of the past and the present, and usher in a greater future.

Abraham was willing to let go and by so doing embraced a future that would turn out to be greater.

For those who wish to lead, there are moments when you will be called upon to make big decisions that have huge personal or corporate implications; both in the short, medium and long term. For the spiritual leader, it is a moment of crisis and one which calls for great faith and even greater personal resolve.

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