Leadership and encouragement part 3

Exodus 7: 1-13

We have said previously that encouragement is the fuel of the soul, and if we can imagine the soul being a petrol tank, then it will need to be filled with the fuel that is called encouragement. Leaders need a constant supply of this fuel, as any change on journey of transformation will have a number of bumpy moments along the way.

Once again we see God encouraging Moses in his leadership assignment. Having complained that he wasn’t particularly eloquent man, God encouraged him with two things. First, God affirms him in terms of his identity and authority as a leader. He said, ‘I have made you like a god to Pharaoh.’ That is so powerful. It means that when Pharaoh looked at Moses, he did not see Moses the man, but one who looked like a god. In the same way, every leader needs affirmation in terms of who he or she is. That is because your identity and authority as a leader are wrapped up together.

Secondly, we see that encouragement comes through the resources that Moses is given.

For his limitations or failings, God provided his younger brother, Aaron, an excellent communicator who could fill the gap and cover Moses’ shortcomings. So, what Moses lacked, God provided – his brother, Aaron; an invaluable resource.

So, firstly, every leader needs affirmation in terms of his or her identity. Secondly, the leader needs encouragement in relation to the resources and tools needed to do the work. It is not just about who the leader is, but what the leader has.

We see the third aspect of the encouragement that Moses received and it is also in terms of resource. His brother Aaron had a staff; Moses was told that when they met with Pharaoh, he was to throw the staff on the ground, and the staff would become a snake. Pharaoh got his magicians to do the same thing; however, Aaron’s snake-staff swallowed up that of Pharaoh’s magicians. Even though this power test which Pharaoh lost caused his heart to be hardened, what this phase in Moses’ leadership journey clearly shows is that every leader needs encouragement; first, in terms of affirmation of who they are, and secondly, the provision of resources and tools with which to accomplish the task and fulfill their mandate.

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