Leadership and the next generation

(Genesis 24:1-9)

It has been rightly said that success without succession is a failure. It therefore follows that one of the fundamental tasks of a leader is to develop potential successors.

Whether the leader develops a talent pool of potential successors, out of which the ultimate successor will be selected, or focuses on one individual who would eventually step up to the leadership plate, it is absolutely vital that a robust plan is in place and a solid platform is provided so that the one who comes in next is given the best chance of making a success of the role.

We see this beautifully illustrated in the story of Abraham and his son, Isaac. We see this at the when Abraham was old and advanced in years. He had been very greatly blessed by God in every way. However, he realised that the basis for sustaining his legacy and lineage was the birth of a grandson through Isaac, the heir to the promise that God had given to him.

To ensure that the legacy was secured, Abraham tasked his chief steward to go back to his (Abraham’s) homeland and find a wife for his son, Isaac, from among his relatives. He got his steward to swear that he would not take a wife for Isaac from the ranks of the daughters of the Midianites, where they lived.

Following the charge, Abraham fully resourced his chief steward who headed out on a journey of several hundred miles; the sole purpose of which was to find a wife for Isaac. The chief steward obeyed his master, setting out on a mission that proved a resounding success (we will look at the details of that in the next article).

What is important to note is the fact that Abraham wanted his son to be successful. He wanted the best for his son. Within the culture of the ancient near East at the time, the desire of Abraham as a father was to set his son up for success in life.

Aside from assets such as wells, land and cattle, a good wife was an essential part of the equation. He wanted Isaac to be married from a community and family that was culturally and spiritually compatible, and went to great lengths to achieve that objective

The point of application is simple – it is the absolute duty of every leader to create a solid platform for the next generation who in future would assume the mantle of leadership. Abraham action provides a beautiful and challenging example for today’s leaders.

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