People Who Command Attention – By The Values They Live Out- Part 1

In this series we have considered the various platforms which enable people to command attention. They do so through their words, their values, servant heart allied to selfless and sacrificial service and the fact that they were relevant. At the heart of what they did was the fact that they deployed the gifts, talents and abilities that they possessed in order to make a difference.

Concluding before we briefly explore this subject, the point of application is this: use what God has given to you to make a difference.

Reading through the bible we see many examples of people whose lives made a huge difference in their family, community and society at large. They made a difference because of the changes they brought to bear. They were transformational because they used the gifts or resources they had.

Joseph is an example (Genesis 37:1-36; 39:1-41:57). He commanded attention because he added value; first to the life of his master, whom he served. Second, we see him doing the same in the prison where he was serving a jail sentence. He made a difference to the jailer, to the lives of Pharaoh’s baker and Pharaoh’s cup bearer. Finally, we see him doing the same in the life of Pharaoh, the nation of Egypt, and the surrounding nations at the time. Joseph’s key gifts were his ability to dream and interpret dreams, lead, manage and organise. He used these abilities to good effect. Each time his gift got him noticed. He earned trust and built credibility through the use of his gifts. His gift made room for him and brought him promotion (Proverbs 18:16).

We can go on, citing one example after another. I am sure you can think of many contemporary individuals who made a difference and commanded attention through the use of their gifts and talents. This again brings us to our example par excellence – Jesus Christ. We read in the Bible that a crowd came looking for Jesus, and the disciples said to Him, people are looking for you (Mark 1:32-35). The question we ask ourselves is: why were they looking for Jesus? The answer is simple – He not only provided food for the hungry, He brought healing to the sick, the infirmed and to the broken. He commanded their attention because He used His gifts to make a significant difference to people’s lives.

The application is very clear and obvious: if you want to command attention, use your gifts as Jesus did to make a lasting difference in people’s lives.


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