Strategic leadership in action (think ahead, look ahead, plan ahead)

(Genesis 46:28-47:27)

One of the key characteristics of a strategic leader is the ability to see the future. Strategic leaders have both insight and foresight. They not only understand what is happening now and the implications, they have that rare ability to see or sense what is likely to happen. They have the ability to anticipate the future and to plan and prepare accordingly.

This ability or skill-set is beautifully illustrated again in the life of Joseph in two ways. Firstly, when his father and brothers came to Egypt, he saw the potential and favourable state of the land of Goshen. Accordingly, he briefed his family to give Pharaoh certain answers as to what they did and by so doing Pharaoh directed them to go and live in Goshen, a very fertile area in Egypt. In that place, Jacob and his household were able to grow numerically and prosper materially. They had everything they needed for their children and animals.

Another example we have of Joseph’s strategic skills is seen in what he did during the seven years of plenty in Egypt. He stored grain in abundance and in the seven years of famine that followed, he and his master Pharaoh became the single biggest grain merchants in that part of world at that time; as the starving Egyptian masses effectively mortgaged their lands and bonded themselves to Pharaoh. Joseph established a law whereby twenty per cent of the produce of every Egyptian’s land belonged to Pharaoh, except for the land of the priests. The practical implication was that Pharaoh had a twenty per cent share of all revenue generated from the land. All this came about because Joseph as a strategic leader saw ahead, planned ahead and executed his plan so beautifully.

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