Strategic servant leadership

(Genesis 14: 1-16)

One of the key essences of leadership is service. The leader is raised up, positioned, called or appointed to serve.

Whatever the process through which a leader emerges, the purpose is to serve those he leads using his leadership gifts. This view of servant leadership has been slowly gaining ground over the last fifteen or so years. Jesus said it clearly, ‘I have come among you as one who serves’.

In serving, the leader is required to be strategic; be one possessed of deep insight into current trends, allied to an ability to see into the future.

Beyond the ability to see ahead is the need to take appropriate steps to prepare for the coming future.

It is worth noting that in the process of serving, the leader, being at the forefront, is exposed to all kinds of risks. Nowhere is the outworking of these traits best illustrated than in the story of Abraham’s rescue of his nephew Lot, who had been caught in a conflict situation, and taken as a prisoner of war.

When it was reported to Abraham that his relative had been taken captive, he mobilized three hundred and eighteen trained men who were born in his household, and went after those who had captured his nephew. The result was that Lot was rescued; with Abraham’s action bearing all the hallmarks of a servant leader who is strategic.

Firstly, Abraham put his resources at risk for the benefit of another.

Secondly, the men he deployed were born in his household and had been trained by him. He had prepared for war in a time of peace, men to defend and protect the family, the family’s wealth and the less fortunate.

One of the key tasks of a leader is to not only prepare those who will succeed but to equip and make ready those who will ensure that the organisation, the family, community and assets are protected and preserved.

Thirdly, he was clear about and single-mindedly focused on the mission – the task of rescuing his captive nephew.

Leaders are called to serve; to equip and train successors, defenders and advancers of the cause; and have the heart to willingly deploy their resources in helping those who are in need.


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