The call of a leader

Exodus 3:1-22

One of the things that I have come to recognise in the life of leaders is that almost without exception, every leader has some kind of story or testimony as to when it dawned on them that God had called or was calling them to lead. For some it is a crystal clear moment in time, for others it is a process involving a series of events that led them to what can be referred to colloquially as the ‘ah-ha’ moment.

In my view it is critical that every spiritual leader knows that they have been called by God to fulfill an assignment. This was the case in the life of Moses. The call is the anchor, the foundation that helps the leader to last the course.

On what was an ordinary day like any other day, whilst leading the sheep under his care, Moses had a life-changing encounter with God on Mount Horeb. He had an amazing experience; he saw an incredible sight involving a bush that was on fire but the vegetation was not consumed by the fire. As Moses looked at this incredible sight, God began to speak to and deal with him. In the course of the dialogue that followed, God commissioned him to go back to Egypt, the place he had run away from forty previously. His mission and mandate was to return to Egypt in order to deliver the children of Israel from the hands of their Egyptian slave masters.

In the course of the exchange that took place between God and Moses, God not only commissioned him but at the same time reassured him, giving him a strategy as to how he was to tackle the task; first, in engaging with the elders of Israel and also in how to deal with Pharaoh.

It was on the basis of this encounter and the call that Moses was able to take up courage and return to Egypt.

Have you been called to lead? Do you believe that you have been called? Be clear about the fact that you have been called because that is what will sustain you in the moments, times and seasons of opposition and great stress that will inevitably come.



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