The leaders gifting

Let me begin by stating the blindingly obvious: no two leaders are the same. Banks of research that has been done in the corporate world show there is no such thing as a single type of leader. 

Leaderscome in different sizes, shapes, temperaments, orientations, gender, and more importantly, skill-set or strengths; what some might refer to as grace, gifting or abilities.


One of the things that is common to leaders, however, that it is their gift or their strength which underpins and helps to drive their leadership journey.

 A leader’s core gifts are the foundation of his or her success. We read these words Proverbs 16:18, ‘A man’s gifts make room for him, and brings him before great men.’ Time and time again throughout biblical history we read that the gifts, strengths and skills possessed by individuals helped to propel and position them for success in they served as leaders.


One of the earliest examples of a leader’s gifts or skill set making room for him is Joseph. From the very early stages in his life we see clear evidence of the unique gifting he possessed. Joseph was a dreamer; a seer. In Genesis 37 he dreamt two dreams, both pointing to the same thing; and with the benefit of hindsight, both showed his life purpose and destiny. He was born to lead, he was raised up to lead, and it was his gift as a dreamer and interpreter of dreams that brought him to the highest office in the land of Egypt; even though he was a foreigner, ex convict and a former slave.


In Genesis 39 we see him prospering in the house of his Egyptian master, Potiphar. We see his gifts as a leader, a business manager, and an administrator in full force. Also shining through is his character as a man of integrity.


After the false accusation and unjust imprisonment, Joseph continued to exercise his core gifting. Whilst in prison he moved from being a prisoner in a foreign land to being the chief among the inmates, such that the prison warden gave him authority and scope to head the prison. Again in the process of time we see him exercising his gift or key strength as an interpreter of dreams. First he interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh’s chief baker and cupbearer, both of which came true. Secondly, and more importantly, he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams. It was his interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams and his outline of the strategic action that should be taken in response, which catapulted him out of prison and into the Prime Minister’s office.


The summary of Joseph’s story is that every leader has a set of core gifts, grace, ability, skill set or strength. The task for each leader is to be clear about what those are and to focus on their development and exercise. Whilst focused on those, the next task is to recruit those who complement these abilities, in order to build an effective team.


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About the Author:

Emmanuel Mbakwe is a Pastor, an apostolic leader, business advisor, leadership coach, mentor, and published author. He is the immediate past General Overseer of the Apostolic Church UK. His vision and heart’s desire is to help people realise their God-given potential and fulfil the purpose of God for the life.

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