The Power & Paradox of Perception: Jeremiah II


Part II: Tell us what you see – simply and clearly

In the call and commissioning of Jeremiah as a prophet, God had touched his lips and told him that He had put His words in his mouth, and that he would stand and make prophetic proclamations that would uproot, tear down, destroy, overthrow, and build as well as plant. Then God asks him consecutively, ‘What do you see?’ In each instance, Jeremiah went on to describe what he had seen. He described what he saw.

The spiritual meaning of what Jeremiah saw is not critical for us here. What is important for our consideration is that he gave very clear, factual and specific descriptions of what was in front of him. It is important therefore as we deal with life, that we have a clear understanding of what we see, describe each event or happening with sufficient cogency and clarity, so that others and people listening to us, would understand what it is we are describing. What is evident is that because Jeremiah was able to describe what he had seen, God was able to entrust him with the task of being a seer as well as a teller and speaker on His behalf.

One who would speak for God must first see clearly and tell it exactly, faithfully, to the people of God.

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