What Drives or Motivates you?- Part 2

We are continuing with our series, ‘What motivates or drives you? We are considering the inner drivers that very often lead to hurt, even destruction. In the first part we talked about pride and ambition, as evidenced in the life of Prince Absalom, son of King David. This time we will be looking at another twin driver, seen in the life of another king of Israel.

The bible tells us that there was a period in history when Israel as a nation was led by judges. However there came a point in time when they wanted to become like the nations around them. They demanded a king. This greatly grieved the prophet Samuel who was then the judge leading the people. Acceding to their request, God led Samuel to anoint a man by the name of Saul, the son of Kish from the tribe of Benjamin, as the king of Israel. Saul was a man of immense and impressive physical stature. He stood head and shoulders above his contemporaries. He was a fine physical specimen. That said, the matter we are considering is not so much with outward appearance, but what takes place on the inside, the state of the inner of the inner man.

In the process of time an incident took place which glaringly revealed what really drove King Saul. He had been told by Samuel to wait for him, that he would come to meet with him. Unfortunately Samuel was late in arriving and the enemies of Israel, the Philistines were closing in. Having waited there for seven days, Samuel still had not turned up. Saul saw that his troops were rapidly slipping away from him. Gripped by fear of being overrun by his enemies and the insecurity of his troops melting before his eyes, Saul offered a burnt sacrifice and peace offering to God. Just as he was finishing, Samuel showed up. The consequence was that following an exchange between Saul and Samuel the right to rule as king was stripped away from Saul. He had effectively lost everything.

It all seems to be rather harsh; one moment he was king, the next moment the throne had been whipped away from him. Put rather bluntly, King Saul he had dumped in the scrapheap. Why did he end up where he did? The root of his problem is traceable to the fact that he feared for his safety, he feared his people and feared for his people. He was insecure in himself, and his basic insecurity was manifested later in life when he sought to kill David, who was subsequently anointed king in his place.

The point of application is clear. What drives you? Are you driven by fear? Are you motivated by insecurity in yourself and what negative or unwarranted actions are these two things driving you to do? If the answer is yes, there is a way out, involving three simple steps. First, recognise and be honest in your assessment of the problem. Secondly, confess and ask God for forgiveness. Thirdly, talk with an experienced and mature person you can trust, and who is able to give you counsel and guidance and who you can be accountable to. All this is overlaid by a daily discipline of prayer that involves coming to God each day and asking Him to keep your heart unsullied by the twin virus of pride and naked human ambition that lead to destruction.


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